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About Cedar & Soak

Nestled in the heart of downtown Vernon British Columbia a tiny piece of heaven awaits you. A space dedicated to the synergy between your mind and body, we welcome you to leave everything at the door and dive inwards on your journey to wellbeing.


At Cedar & Soak you have a whole host of modalities to soften, unwind, invigorate, untangle and challenge yourself. Deliberate cold exposure may be the hardest thing you do in your day as you quiet the mind, giving yourself permission to let go.


Myha Cullen

Operations Manager at Cedar and Soak

Hello there! I'm Myha Cullen, and I'm thrilled to be serving as the Operations Manager at Cedar and Soak. While my journey began as a care aide, where I devoted seven fulfilling years to healthcare, I felt a calling for something different in my life.

My path to Cedar and Soak was deeply intertwined with my personal healing journey. Cold plunging became a pivotal practice for me, guiding me towards a more present and mindful existence. Through this journey, I've learned to slow down, listen to my body, and prioritize self-care. The opportunity to join Cedar and Soak came about through the serendipity of family connections. The owners, aware of my journey, graciously invited me to be a part of this transformative venture. Beyond the office, you'll find me embracing life as a proud dog mom, going on hiking adventures, reading in the warmth of the sunshine, and immersing myself in my pottery. But most importantly, I cherish the moments spent with the people who fill my heart with love and laughter.

I'm passionate about holistic wellness, mindful living, and fostering genuine connections. At Cedar and Soak, I'm committed to creating an environment where each individual feels seen, heard, and valued on their unique journey to wellness.Let's do hard things together, one plunge at a time.



Taking the Plunge

We know there is a lot of information out there about plunging and contrast therapy, but actually doing it for the first time can have you with questions on what the best way to do it is...  the answer... there is no "right" way to do it. Everyone experiences contrast therapy differently and if you're doing it, you're doing it right.


At our facility we have varied the temperature of the tubs in the Community Space. Our coldest tub is closest to the shower and our "warmer" tub is closest to the other wall. We have all three tubs set to different temperatures, we do this to make this experience open to everyone. Deliberately immersing yourself in a tub full of freezing cold water is HARD, we hope the varied temperatures make it accessible to everyone. 


What happens when you end your session after a chilly dip in the cold plunge? It's like jumpstarting your body - as your body warms up, your metabolic rate speeds up and activates the immune system, which leads to the release of more white blood cells and increased metabolism. 


With that said, we want to offer a few tips and tricks to contrast therapy to help you decide how you want to take the plunge.


Our Professionals

Book individually on our

Meet Our Professionals page.

Our 6 office spaces are filled with amazing practitioners who are focused on spiritual and holistic wellbeing. From counselling to RMT we have you covered.

Thank You

Cedar & Soak would like to give a shout-out to all the amazing businesses that have helped bring their amazing space together!

Total Construction of the Space + Sauna Build

Photography + TV media + Content

Cold Plunges

Design Inspiration

Branding + Signage + Web Design

Lockers +  Front Desk

Scott McDonald


We acknowledge and appreciate that we live, work and play on the ancestral, traditional, and unceded territory of the Syilx Okanagan Nation

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